Logan Bell Soky Movers Bowling Green Ky


Making a Difference One Move at a Time!

My name is Logan Bell and I started SOKY Movers because I have heard all the horror stories that came along with the moving industry and I knew I could put a stop to it! So, after all the years of playing baseball and being able to play at the collegiate level. I decided it was time to pursue this goal of saving the moving industry here in the Bowling Green area. So while I am still giving baseball lessons over at the Diamond behind Jewelry Barn & Pawn Shop. I am out here making a difference to everyone here in this wonderful community.


I am not the only baseball player on this team of movers! I also employ former teammates of mine and great friends that have the muscle and charisma to be great helpers. These guys understand the importance of how helping you is the number one priority. 

We also give back to the community! With only being in business for 3 months. We have already given over $12,000 worth of donations back into our community! The Child Advocacy Center being the big one.