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About SOKY Movers, LLC.

We are your premium moving company with a thoughtful approach. Our goal is to become the biggest moving company in the Kentucky region. So that way we are able to give back to our communities. We have already been able to donate to all kinds of organizations in the city of Bowling Green and soon to be in other cities as well. With over $31,280 donated to organizations around town, we have been more than able to get involved in our community.  

That community involvement wouldn't have been possible without our customers' support and we want to say thanks to each and everyone of them. 

Debra Broz & SOKY Movers, LLC. Partnership

Our Process

As soon as we show up on moving day. We will introduce ourselves to you as we don't want to be strangers at all. 

Once that is done, we will head straight into wrapping all furniture that needs it and all mattresses will be bagged and taped to where they will stay nice and clean. When we finish the wrapping processes. We will head into packing the truck and strapping everything down for the smoothest ride possible! By the end of the day, you will be moved in and ready to sleep in your new home immediately!



Meet & Greet

We will first meet everyone and get to know each other, and then we will do a walkthrough of the home and make a list of what is going and what isn't.

SOKY breaking down table


The first hour is spent "prepping" for the move. We will be stretch wrapping and putting mattress bags on mattresses. We will do whatever else we need to do to be ready to load.

Prep Phase


Loading & Unloading

This is the biggest step. We will load and make sure that everything is secure and ready to go. We will end this phase with another walkthrough to make sure we got everything.

Washer and Dryer Movers.PNG


Home Layout

This is the last step in our process. This is where we unload and position the furniture where you want it so when we leave. You are ready to live in your new home.

SOKY Movers finished bedroom.png

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