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Giving you the assurance that you're in great quality focused hands


The Leading Southern Kentucky Moving Company

We have been able to obtain over 125+ five star reviews through all of our platforms with 100 coming strictly from Google! We were also nominated best in Bowling Green by the Bowling Green Daily News every year since 2020.

Our goal is to get you moved with high quality and protection for your stuff. As well as keeping the price low. 

How Much Do
Movers Cost?

Our pricing is a little different from competitors. Our prices vary for the size of the move. So if you are moving out of a 1 bedroom apartment we will charge from $220 to $600 depending again on the drive and how much we are moving. We have moved some for $440 before. If you are moving out of a 2 bedroom home then you are looking at $700-$1400. Again, depending on what all we move, if there is stuff in the garage, or if we need a second truck. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to become the mover that your friends think of when you ask what movers you should use. But, our MISSION is to be able to donate back into our community of Bowling Green and help our non-profit programs that do great work just like the BRACAC, BRASS, Boys and Girls Club, and many more! Hopefully, one day, our donations can make a difference in someone's life! We all know someone that has benefited from these programs as we even have personal friends and experiences that would've loved to have these programs. So the more that we donate to them. The more they can help kids not go through what we did! 

You're The 

We strictly do ONE move a day. You are our only move that day so we can ensure the highest quality and give you 100% of our attention.

Free, At Home

If you don't want to fill out our inventory form. Then we can schedule an estimate visit. That way we can come out and do it for you.

Award Winning

In our first three years in business, we have already been nominated as best in Bowling Green thrice while all being BBB accredited. 


Our goal is to not be strangers by the end of the day. We want a lasting relationship with everyone.

Why Choose Us

Can You Cancel a Move?

Yes. In short, you can cancel your move. We do a non-refundable deposit for moves. Some companies will allow you to cancel and get a full refund if the move had been canceled early enough to where they can fill the spot back up. 

Who Works For Us?

We only hire the best that have been through a very tough screening. As we do believe in second chances for folks in our community. We do have very specific and high standards held for all of our movers and supervisors. They all know how important it is to follow these! They aren't to have their phones out unless they are updating our app for the move. They are not to be smoking, dipping, vaping, or cursing. We have a few options for our guys' apparel though. We want them to look professional but to also be comfortable while working in the hot days of the summer. 

During the summer months we do hire High school and college guys. Mainly athletes so that way they get a chance to pad their resumes, Meet the community, and make a little money on the side. They all get trained every month as well as having an adult supervisor that is seasoned to maintain quality work. The future of our youth is not taken lightly and is a priority when hiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much do Movers Cost?

Pricing Can vary from $400 all the way to $2000 depending on the size of your move. The smaller the move. The lower the price.

Do I Pay Before or After?

NEVER pay before your move! You may be asked to place a small deposit to hold your date. But you will always pay at the end of the move for a job well done.

Will I be Unpacked The Same Day?

We DO offer unpacking services. We recommend packing a suitcase or a small box with your everyday items that you will need for about a week's worth of time while you slowly unpack into your new home. It's just like Christmas in the middle of the summer!

When do I book Movers?

Ideally you want to book a month or more in advance. But if you have to book late. Then give your mover about a 2 weeks notice.

What Do I Do While the Movers are Working?

You can offer refreshments if you'd like but we provide our guys with drinks. But just sit down with a cold drink in your hand while we do the hard work and keep the kids and pets safe while we are lifting the heavy stuff. We don't want anyone getting hurt. 

What's After my Move?

After you get settled into your new home. Don't forget to go down to the post office and get your address changed so you can get your amazon Packages and mail.

How Much do I Tip?

Tips are not required and we will never ask for them. But if you wanted to tip your movers. The average tip is $3-$5 per hour. 

What Do I Pack?

Some moving companies pack your stuff for you. We DO offer packing services but if you choose to pack yourself. Please make sure everything is boxed up and ready to go. The more prepared you are is less you have to pay us. You can leave your clothes in your dresser with us though!

How do We Calculate Moving Costs?

We have a very expensive computer software that takes into account the size of the place you are moving out of. Then it adds in the truck, gas, mileage, and how long it is estimated to take. 

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